SCID Email Listserv Support Group

Instructions for joining the SCID MAIL GROUP:

The SCID MAIL GROUP is now a listserv email support group. It is designed to help families dealing with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or related diseases find a support network of similar families. This is a closed group, meaning only those with an interest in the subject because of family affiliation with this disease are considered for admission. Obviously, parents and family members with a child diagnosed with SCID will be accepted. Additionally, parents who have lost a child to SCID, as well as parents of children with similar diseases can request to become a part of our group.  This group is designed to be a support group to parents of afflicted children rather than adult patients.  While those who are facing immediate crisis are always interested in this type of help, I want to encourage the veteran families of this disease to also participate.  This is a mutual support group run by volunteer participation.  It is dependent for its survival upon its members assuming and sharing responsibilities to help one another through the sharing of members’ experiences, successes, strengths, coping skills, and hopes.

If you want to join the group send an email to:

mailgroup @

with the subject “JOIN” along with a letter of introduction to the group when joining. A brief bio about yourself and your reason for interest in the group is requested. I will then add your name to the permanent mailing list.

To remove yourself at any time send an email to:

mailgroup @

type “REMOVE YOURNAME@YOUR.COM” in the subject field, or follow the instructions on the confirmation letter which you receive once you are subscribed to the group.

I will send a set of instructions for sending email to the group once you have been subscribed. As a closed group, no posting will be accepted from any email address which is not a subscriber.