Reciprocal Links, Webrings, and Other Informational Pages

The following links are to pages which have graciously included links on their pages to The SCID Homepage or provided support in other ways.

SCID, Angels for Life
SCID – Hope Through Research
IDF Giving for The SCID Initiative
IDF SCID Initiative
IDF SCID Newborn Screening Campaign
X-linked SCID Resources NIH
Gene Therapy Patient Information 
USIDnet Resources
Nature Reviews Immunology
ArtnScience Beauty and Truth

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Written by Aisha Chaudhary, a girl who was born with SCID. Her older sister passed away from the disease as an infant. Aisha was transplanted at 6 months of age, however, complications caused life threatening lung disease and she passed away at 18, just before her book was released. “My Little Epiphanies” contains her thoughts and quips and shows a unique look into the life of one so young as she embraces a life she knows will be short. My Little Epiphanies





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